Aboard The Pirate: Roving the West Indies

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Pages: 398

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During a modern-day United States Coast Guard interdiction of drugs and migrant smugglers in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, two airmen suddenly whirl into an equivalent era to witness piracy during 1816 through 1825 in the West Indies. In the upheaval of law and politics against history’s infamous pirates, a twelve-year-old beggar girl stows away on an American merchant ship to seek a better life. Disguised as a boy, she ships out to piratical waters and ends up on several pirate ships. During the passage, she meets an abducted, fourteen-year-old Royal Navy Midshipman trainee, who is unaware of her disguised identity. The stowaway and midshipman find themselves in a conflict and resolve relationship in this swashbuckling historical tale of piracy and its arrest in the West Indies.

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